A scaled-down version of the microgrid entrepreneur, here in the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) owns an agricultural pump which he pays for partly on installation and partly in instalments over 5 years. The monthly sums are in turn collected from small and marginal farmers who the VLE supplies water to, around his acreage, at a fixed price, which is almost half of the price the small farmers pay to rent diesel generators for water supply. A win-win eco-system is thus created.

This shared service model for paying-by-use for irrigation water using solar pumps has been introduced for the first time in India by Vayam. Not only does it increase the VLE's access to otherwise-expensive solar pumping systems, it also taps into a ready market of small farmers who are burdened by expenses on diesel. Innovative farmer-entrepreneurs are using the increased water availability to breed ducks and fishes thereby increasing revenue per acre substantially.

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