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Create energy entrepreneurs in the community with our proven expertise

As we know, the rural population consume large amount of kerosene for energy purposes. Women work in bleak lanterns lit by the fuel to provide food for the family. Children strain their eyes trying to study under the faint lights illuminated by kerosene. Every rural household on an average spends close to Rs 20-30 on kerosene per day for everyday consumption. These are poor farmers with barely an acre or less of land. These impoverished families earn less than Rs5000 per month. This is prevalent in most of Indian villages where the majority of the villagers will fall under this bracket. For them, access to electricity is a luxury and they know that if they approach the State for the same, it will go into deaf ears. However, Vayam has devised a model for this particular population which will enable them to have top-notch lighting solutions supplied by the best providers in the industry and at the same time be entrepreneurial about it (which will ensure the stability and healthy maintenance of this model and at the same time.