Energy Stations (RS Model)

The rural population consumes large amounts of kerosene for energy purposes. Women work with bleak lanterns lit by the fuel to provide food for the family. Children strain their eyes trying to study under the faint lights illuminated by kerosene. These poor families earn less than Rs 5000 per month and spend Rs 10-20 on kerosene or candles every day for such purposes.

In collaboration with Rural Spark, Vayam has appointed Village Level Entrepreneur (VLEs) who are provided with energy stations that charge up 12 lanterns and an energy cube (battery pack). These energy stations are handled by VLEs who provide the lights and mobile charging on a rental basis. In its first phase, Vayam has empowered 65 VLEs, all of whom are women!

Through an inclusive innovation-partnership with Rural Spark, Vayam has co-developed the energy charging system such that the investment is down by 80% of the existing product in the market, to Rs 21,000 (a microfinance-able level) with a proven breakeven.

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