10-15% of population can afford comprehensive lighting and water solutions



Replace usage of inverters and diesel. Potential for Microgrid and solar pump entrepreneurs

30-35% earn Rs 5000-15000 pm and can buy lighting for their homes



Entrepreneurs can sell solar lanterns and Home Systems. A viable model for women

40-50% of the rural population earn < Rs 5000 pm and spend < Rs 10-15 per day for lighting



Entrepreneurs can own energy charging stations and rent lights at Rs 5 a day. A case for SHGs

Vayam provides energy entrepreneurship in a sustainable manner. All our models on the field involve recognising rural entrepreneurs who will enable the development of a self-reliant community-driven model that will be cost-effective for rural society, and positively benefit their health and livelihoods using clean and green energy. We service rural community members with all economic backgrounds using innovation as the key driver within different entrepreneur models as the diagram elucidates.

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