According to the 2011 Census, almost 77 million households lack access to electricity. Overall, 55% of the rural population have access to only around 4 hours of power every day. And habitants in the interior of States like Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Assam and Odisha are still deprived of sustained energy access, oblivious to the rapid developments that are taking place globally. Will just providing lighting solutions be the answer? Efforts in the past have shown that usually when energy has been provided it often fails due to the lack of support and maintenance. Vayam addresses this problem and empowers the rural sector in the energy space through the medium of entrepreneurship development.

Vayam Renewable believes in creating entrepreneurs in the villages who bring affordable energy solutions to the darkest corners. These rural entrepreneurs ensure that they are self-reliant through the best products and training that Vayam provides. What Vayam does is recognise potential Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) through whom they provide customized energy solutions through DC microgrids, solar water pumps, home/community lighting products, and energy services on rental models.

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