Vayam Renewable Ltd is a part of BASIX which is a group of companies engaged in livelihood promotion since 1996. There are 13 companies under the BASIX group that reach out to the rural underserved in 27 States and over 30,000 villages. Vayam leverages this footprint in the dark States to reach energy solutions to the communities through its proven social enterprise development model.

Established in 2014, Vayam fosters rural energy-entrepreneurship thereby making the energy-access model decentralised and self-sustainable economically, ecologically and socially. A passionate, enthusiastic and future-driven team aims at using energy as a mode to enhance people’s livelihood and improve their conditions for economic development. With the support from BASIX networks in less than 18 months Vayam has:


  • Empowered 65 Urja Sahelis profitably with energy charging stations that earn them over Rs 1000 extra every month
  • Reached 17000+ and growing households with solar lights through an exclusive sales and service partnership with Panasonic
  • Set up 363 energy entrepreneurs, including 5 for Solar pumps set up on a pilot project with USAID, The Climate Group and CEED
  • Initiated 2 VLEs on DC microgrids that are supported by grants and a shared vision with Schneider and Rockefeller
  • Extended operations to 52 districts in 12 States of India
  • Enabled over 400 partners beyond Basix channels to sell portable lights
  • Tested different solar technologies including lanterns, home lighting systems, charging stations, street lights, water pumps and microgrids

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